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Little Kinky Tales #14

I enter the door and come home to a dark room. As I switch on the light, I see her as clear as day, sleeping on the couch with a blanket weaved through her curves. Softly I walk towards her, trying not to make a sound that could wake her up but it’s too late..she wakes up in surprise and greets me with a smile.

"What the hell are you doing on the couch?"

She sits up and without a word opens her arms to give me a hug.

"The bed was empty, I thought I’d wait here instead."

Quietly, my arms wrap around her and hold her close. 

"I made you dinner.." 

She always does. As she slowly gets off the couch, she lowers my hands down her her waist…to her hips..until it rests right above her ass.

"I knew too that you’d need something to refresh you after a long day at work…they’re your favorite pair."

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Little Kinky Tales #13

I see his shirt hanging by the edge of the chair.

"Are you going to work early?" I ask him plainly.

"Yeah, getting work done as early as I can."

I walk over to his shirt and flatten it out. As I run my hands and fingers over the buttons, I imagine his chest underneath it, strong and warm. I hear him coming to me and quickly I wear his shirt — throwing everything else I have on right to the floor. As he walks in the room, I greet him with his own shirt.

"There’s work to be done here too." I whisper, guiding his fingers to the buttons.

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Little Kinky Tales #12

"The rain hasn’t stopped since forever." she tells me as she leans out the window and looks up at the sky.

"I know." I say and walk over to her.

Amidst the poor lighting the storm is giving us, I can see her skin underneath her old, batten-down shirt. I lift a little part of it and see gooseprickles planted firmly on her. She closes the window and holds herself — trying to contain a little shiver. I step behind her and weave myself through her body until little by little she stops shaking.

"Can we get warmer than this?" she asks me.

I smile to her and nod. Slowly she turns around and lets me reach my hands underneath her shirt. Hiking up…higher..and higher..

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Little Kinky Tales #11

She’s standing in front of the mirror doing her make-up. She’s naked apart from the soft pieces of fabric that classifies as lingerie.

"Going out tonight?"

"Yes, out with my friends"

She turns to me and smiles.

"How do I look?"


She smiles and kisses my cheek. Softly she turns around and leans towards the mirror to check herself. Behind her, a small patch of skin escapes the thin lace that covers the sweet little world in her. I look at her and smile at our reflections as I slowly push the fabric aside.

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Little Kinky Tales #10

He’s in the bathtub, soaking himself after a long day. Steam and smoke from his cigarette fill in the room. Slowly, little splashes of water form. I move closer to him and see his hand on his cock. With his cigarette in his mouth, he looks up at me and smiles.

"You need a hand with that babe?"

He takes in a puff og his cigarette and tosses his head back. My hand disappears underneath the warmth of water and suds.

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Little Kinky Tales #9

"Stop" she says as she pulls on my hair.

I lift my head up meet her eyes. Her mouth wide open and her skin drenched in sweat. I smile at her and lick a trail on her stomach. Under my tongue I can feel her try to catch her breath. In my hands I can feel her legs spread wider. I look at them and laugh.

"You’re lying." I tell her sweetly.

I close my eyes and dive deep inside her, filling myself with her juice and basking in the symphony of her uncontrollable moans.

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Little Kinky Tales #8

On our bed she sleeps in full, drab clothing — in my crisp white polo. I lift our sheets and climb in beside her.

"Why aren’t you naked tonight?"

"I’m cold."

I kiss her cheek then her neck then her nape then her hands. She lifts her head and tries to smile to me. Little by little she hikes her shirt up. Her skin peeks out. 

"Let’s be warm together."

Our hands pull her shirt down. Even in the dark I can feel her blush. I hold her in my arms and kiss her gently. Underneath my weight she sleeps far from naked. Underneath her clothes is her body and heart that I love. 

"Mmm" she sighs.

Carefully she slips my hand up her shirt. I settle it above her heart that I know through all our layers, beats for me.

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Little Kinky Tales #7

It’s morning and my cigarette needs some attention. In his shirt I walk to the window and light it up.

"Why are you smoking so early?" he asks as he wraps his arms around me and kisses my neck.

"Because I want to."

A distressed look on his face appears. It’s followed  by a short smile and another kiss. He finds a chair and sits in it. Slowly, he dozes back to sleep, holding me in his lap and his embrace.

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Little Kinky Tales #6

As I walk past the bathroom I hear a noise. I open the door and steam escapes in a flurry.

From behind the shower curtain I can hear him touching his own skin.

A hand is pressed against the wall as his other one makes love to himself. Quietly, I undress and push the curtain back. 

I kiss his back and slide my hand down his smooth stomach and wrap it around him, lovingly.

"Let me help you with that my love."

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Little Kinky Tales #5

"Come in the kitchen!" he calls out.

I enter in on my tiptoes and greet him with a hug.

"Yes my love?" I ask him sweetly.

"I’m hungry." he tells me.

"I’ll cook for you." I reply softly.

"No, don’t."

Tenderly he sits me down on the edge of the dining table. He takes his seat facing me and inch by inch, undresses me. As slowly as he can, he spreads me and kisses me between my legs.

"You are the appetizer…your juices are my soup..and your sex is all the main course I need."

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Little Kinky Tales #4

The rain falls softly on the roof and the windows. Beside me he’s reading a good book.  I’m looking outside, watching the clouds bring in more rain.

"Are you asleep?" he whispers softly into my ear.

I turn around and greet his lips with a kiss.

"Good." he says as he smiles.

His hand begins its descent, down to where I’m most warm.

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Little Kinky Tales #3

"What’s that?" he asks me.

"Something you’d want to put inside me.." I reply.

He takes my toy from my hand and kisses me softly on my shoulder and my neck. 

"Turn around." he whispers.

I turn around and close my eyes. His strong hands rub outside my thighs, and then inside. Little by little he undresses me and exposes me for himself.

"You’ll want to be comfortable."

He says as he kisses me in between my legs.

"You’re in for a long night."

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Little Kinky Tales #2

He ties me softly to the bed. My hands are clutched to railing.

"Not so tight" I murmur as he spread my legs wide.

"I know" he continues as he takes the last of my clothing off me.

He takes my ankles and wraps the rope around them, just enough, and definitely not tight. He takes a finger and begins to run it up and down my slit.

On this bed, everything is exposed.

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Little Kinky Tales #1

It’s three in the morning and I can hear him sleep beside me. He’s been tired from working hard all day. I reach over to his side of the bed and wrap myself around him. Little by little I feel him open up to me. I slide my hand down his chest and his body. In his sleep he moans a little. I slide my hand a little more and reach out for him. He doesn’t know that he’s betraying himself, turning more rigid with every touch of my hand. A few strokes and sullen moans later, he wakes up, and our night begins.

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